Art & Literature Inspired by the Bible

Art & Literature Inspired by the Bible

In this course, we will explore a range of artistic pieces inspired by biblical stories. These include paintings, sculptures, book illustrations, poetry, plays, and books—from Rembrandt to comic books, and from Dracula to Harry Potter. We will look at how artists interpret the Bible stories in different ways, and how they use biblical themes and ideas to enrich their own work. 

Due to the pandemic, room lets at Harris Academy are unfortunately unavailable for this term.

Online enrolment will open on Wednesday 26/01/22 at 6pm and close at 6pm on Wednesday 02/02/2022.   The cost for this term is £56.
  • Online classes commence remotely via Zoom, Wednesday 09/02/22, 18:30pm – 20:30pm for 8 weeks until 30/03/2022.
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