DNA Technology & Immunology

DNA Technology & Immunology

Having trouble making sense of all the bioscience jargon in the headlines? This course assumes no prior knowledge of biology, but will help you understand the basics of immunology and infectious disease as well as how vaccines and anti-viral drugs and antibiotics work.

We will also look at DNA technology, including DNA fingerprinting, genetic engineering in industry and medicine and cancer as a disease of failures in DNA repair.  Future pandemic threats will be discussed.

Slides will be provided- no frantic note taking and there will be time for discussions of the material.

Payment for this course will be £42

Please Note:
Course enrolment for this block will open 04/08/21 and close on 11/08/21…

    • Classes commence remotely via Zoom, Tuesday 17/08/2021, 18:30pm – 20:30pm for 6 weeks until 21/09/2021.
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